Vermont-Made Organic Corn Tortillas

A true tortilla is nothing more than whole corn steeped in water with lime, stone ground, and cooked over fire.

From the tiny hard seed of wild teosinte to our current array of domesticated maiz, corn has co-existed with the people of the Americas for millennia. Corn has rooted us to the land, fed our families, and shaped our culture.

We use the traditional process of stone-grinding nixtamal into fresh masa each production day for the best-tasting most nutritious tortillas. When cooked this way, the niacin (Vitamin B3) in the corn becomes available, essential amino acids become more balanced, and calcium, iron, copper, zinc levels increase–especially calcium.

In short, tortillas like ours are the healthiest way to eat corn. And traditional tortillas just taste better, so why not?

All Souls’ tortillas use locally-grown organic heirloom corn. We source our heirloom corn (Wapsie Valley is the variety) from Aurora Farm in Charlotte, VT as well as Lakeview Organic Grain in Penn Yan, NY.  We are currently working with UVM Extension to trial new varieties of corn that show promise both in the fields of the Northeast, and in our tortillas. Stay tuned as we roll out these in the seasons ahead.

These tortillas are at the heart of our striving to celebrate the bounty of our home. Bringing good food to the good people around your table.

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To Purchase
Our tortillas are available for wholesale, retail, and foodservice accounts through direct sales and through our distributors Black River Produce and Reinhart Foodservice Burlington.

Reach out directly to us for specific grocers and restaurants offering our tortillas near you.

Contact us at 802-373-7212 or sales(at) for more information and to place orders.